What is it

AI based high performance Intelligent Baggage Scanner system

What it does

Automatically detects banned objects in X-Ray images and sends alerts to screen

How It works

Looks at each image like a human eye and outlines the banned objects. Very different from density based object detection


BaggageAI – Product Features


Reduced baggage scanning time leading to faster check in


Threat Detection with high accuracy


Reduction in false alarm saving invaluable time


Reduction in flight delay due to security issues


Improved efficiency of security personnel

How does it integrate with existing machines - Architecture


Video Demonstration

Our product “BaggageAI” is an Artificial Intelligence based solution which can solve this problem with far more accuracy and efficiency. It has a capacity to scan 30 images per second and it can detect banned objects from the 2D Black and White X-ray images, Colored X-ray images as well as 3D CT scan images. It does not need any extra hardware and can be integrated with the existing 2D or 3D scanning machines.

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